IYSTW, THILH: Katee Sackhoff

Posted: March 7, 2012 in The Womens
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Katee Sackhoff

When the rebooted Battlestar Galactica started a few years back, one of the biggest points of change was the gender reassignment of the ‘Starbuck’ character, played with roguish charm in the original series by Dirk ‘Faceman’ Benedict.

Now, ‘Starbuck’ was a woman. And she kicked ass. And she was hot. Or at least I thought she was. Katee Sackhoff played the character as a hard drinking hard case who bucked authority and played second fiddle to no man.

I’d like to imagine that there was a lot of Ms. Sackhoff on display in her portrayal of the character. I’d like to imagine that I could get a mean drink-on with the lady pounding back tequila shooters ’til she drank me under the table. And after that, I’d just like to imagine.

If you see this woman, tell her I love her!


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