Now See This – The Raid: Redemption

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Movies, Now See This
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Because some things demand your immediate attention

The Raid:  Redemption (d. Gareth Evans)


The poster just about says it all.  “The Best Action Movie in Decades!”  Sensationalistic and hyperbolic?  Yes. True?  Quite possibly.

Gareth Evans is a Welsh director making Indonesian movies.  There might seem to be a bit of a disconnect but that is not the case.  While in the country filming a documentary about the fighting style known as Silat, Evans discovered Iko Uwais.  Impressed by the man’s charisma and skill, Evans cast him in his first martial arts film, Merantau.  Merantau was well received on the festival circuit and a subsequent collaboration was planned.

That follow-up is the film I’m so eager for you to see.  The Raid is exactly what it claims to be.  It’s balls to the wall action and adrenaline from the get go with no apologies asked for and no quarter given.  There is a perfunctory introduction to our various players, both good and evil, that serves to create some pathos and to establish motivations but at about the 15 minute mark, none of that really matters anymore.  Bones are about to broken.  Blood is about to be shed.  And you’re going to see stuff you’ve never seen before.

There’s not as much pure martial arts to be found here as in the duo’s previous film but there are enough fists of fury to satisfy any fan of that genre.  If you’re looking for some kind of reference point, think of it as a mirror image of John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 or maybe a reverse-Under Seige…except it’s in a building.

I don’t know what else to tell you.  If you like action flicks, you WILL like this movie.  Hell, you may even love it.

I did.


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