Posted: May 20, 2012 in Movies, This!
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Jaws Blu-ray

Jaws [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet] (Universal's 100th Anniversary)

Why this?

I’ll tell you. Back in 1979, when I was all of 7 years old, my father took my cousin and me to see the classic killer shark movie directed by Steven Spielberg. In retrospect, it was probably grossly irresponsible of him to take a couple of young kids to see that flick. Hell, my cousin was a couple years younger than me. Still, I’m glad he did. At that tender age, I was more affected by the visceral thrills of the movie. The brutal attack of the skinny dipper. The sudden death of that Kintner boy. The shocking discovery of Ben Gardner’s remains by Matt Hooper in the wrecked fishing boat. The bloody fate of Quint.

It wasn’t until I was much older and had seen the very first summer blockbuster a couple dozen of times that I grew an appreciation for the more subtle aspects of the film. The camaraderie between the three intrepid shark hunters as they get drunk, one up each other’s scars, and listen to Robert Shaw’s riveting account of the sinking of the Indianapolis. The sparse use of Bruce The Shark in the first two acts of the film, which while necessitated by mechanical difficulties throughout the film’s production ended up proving highly effective to build tension and anticipation. That mystery around the shark leads up to the ultimate payoff and one of the best line’s in movie history, ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat.’ And of course, there’s John Williams’ iconic score.

It’s a perfect little movie that has stood the test of time and I cannot wait to buy this on the day it comes out so I can race home and watch all it all over again.

Jaws will be released on Blu-ray on August 14th.

  1. When will Jaws 3-D be out?

    • bighersh says:

      To date, there have been no plans announced to release Jaws 3-D on Blu-ray. But you can bet, I’ll be picking it up if and when it does come out.

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