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Breaking Bad

Why this?

Because simply, it’s the best show on television.

Those who are already fans fully understand the implications of the above image.

Those who haven’t been watching are really missing out.

The upcoming season 5 has been announced as the final for the series. It will be composed of 16 episodes to be split into two separate 8 episode arcs and promises to bring an epic conclusion to the story of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and the many people caught up in the wake of their monumentally poor life decisions.

Vince Gilligan, a former writer for The X-Files, has created in Mr’s White (Bryan Cranston) and Pinkman (Aaron Paul) two of the most fascinating characters in television history. Both performers have won Emmy’s for their roles and they truly deserve every accolade thrown their way.

The premise of the show is laid out in vivid detail all the way back in the pilot episode. Walt White is a schlub of a high-school chemistry teacher who finds out he has an aggressive form of cancer with little chance of survival. He blackmails a former student, Pinkman, whom he has discovered cooks and deals meth. Using Walt’s chemical expertise, the two devise a batch of pure, high quality product that becomes a hit on the streets.

At first, Walt’s intentions are as pure as his actions are misguided. But every choice he makes in the service of providing for his family with the money he has made before he dies only serves to strip away more of his humanity and morality. Jesse just wants to make money and smoke out. Gradually, the confidence he gains while working with Walt makes him into a stronger, independent yet highly flawed man. The relationship between the two is very strained at times. One can only imagine at the inevitable showdown that awaits for these two.

I dare not say more for fear of ruining the many twists and turns that wait for our anti-heroes in the four seasons already aired. The uninitiated need to watch this show fresh with no spoilers. The acting is always stellar and the story never goes exactly where you think it might.

The first three seasons are available on Neflix Instant and the fourth is readily available for purchase at any retail store worth a damn or at Amazon.  Season 5 premiers on AMC on Sunday, July 15 9PM Central.


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