Bullet in the Face

Why this? Because it’s a wonderfully, gloriously, ridiculous send up of 90s era action dramas. And it’s got Eddie Izzard.

The Canadian dark action comedy comes from the twisted mind of Alan Spencer, the man who brought the cult classic Sledge Hammer! to the unappreciative masses in the late 80’s.

The six episode first season starts off easily enough. During a heist gone wrong, a sociopathic hit man is betrayed and shot in the face by his high-strung partner who happens to be his lover and his boss’ wife. In short order, the authorities pull a Face/Off and replace the crazed German’s gob with that of a cop he killed during the botched robbery.

Pressed into service by his jailers, he assumes the life of the dead policeman and is tasked with furthering the gang war between his former employer (played to pitch snow-globe obsessed perfection by the aforementioned Izzard) and his chief rival (a smarmy and oily Eric Roberts.) 

Max Williams and Kate Kelton portray the erstwhile feuding lovers, Gunter & Martine, and while I had no idea who they were prior to this wonderful project, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on their future work.

It’s all rather ridiculous but irresistibly addictive fun. It’s over acted and over the top and well worth your time.

IFC ran the entire first season this past weekend and will no doubt be running marathons in repeat until an inevitable release on DVD/Blu-ray.  If you can’t wait (and I suggest you don’t), it’s available for rent on Amazon Instant View.

Do try to check it out.


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