IYSTW, THILH: Olga Kurylenko

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Movies, The Womens
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Olga Kurylenko

This Ukrainian-born beauty first caught my eye in the unfairly maligned Quantum of Solace, the second Daniel Craig Bond flick.  She was distracting in her beauty in that film and capably handled her own acting against Mr. Craig.  To my memory, she was one of the few Bond dames that doesn’t die…probably because she didn’t sleep with 007.  But I digress.  Hers was a small role but I was eager to see her in more.

I next caught her in The Assassin Next Door, a thriller in which she stars as the titular Russian assassin who befriends a neighbor who is a victim of domestic abuse.  She was quite good in the role.  If you haven’t seen it I recommend you check it out.  She also featured prominently in Neil Marshall’s Centurion as a mute and fierce Pict warrior woman who wages war on a group of Roman soldiers.

She’s about to show up in her biggest feature to date in the Tom Cruise sci-fi film, Oblivion.  I know next to nothing about the movie other than what the trailers have shown but I do know from those trailers that she’s in it and she has a big role.  And I’ll be damned if that ain’t good enough for me.

If you see this woman, tell her I love her.


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