IYSTW, THILH: Olivia Wilde

Posted: August 7, 2013 in The Womens
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Olivia Wilde

Oh Olivia.  Where to begin?  I was but a young man of 35 when your exotic visage came to my attention during your first episode of the overrated Fox drama House M.D.  You alone were almost enough to keep me watching the show but like everyone else I eventually learned to hate it.  But I digress.  We’re not here to talk about that overheated Quincy ripoff.  We’re here to talk about you.

In the middle of your run on that disgrace to broadcast television, you appeared in Tron:  Legacy and in Cowboys and Aliens.  I rather enjoyed the former and the latter was passable.  You weren’t asked to do too much in either but I was still happy to see you.  I was however starting to notice that you were getting really skinny.  It’s not going to kill you to end a sandwich, you know?

At some point, Fox finally decided to put down that rotten show like a rabid dog with a bullet to the brain.  And you were free.  Praise Jeebus, you were free.  You set out to do fun roles like that of the twisted sister, Liza, who was 1/2 of the brother-sister duo (with Eric Bana) whose casino robbery getaway has gone awry in the Thanksgiving set Deadfall.  It was an edgy performance in a tight, little thriller that just might become a holiday tradition in my shockingly single household.

I’ll admit I skipped The Incredible Burt Wonderstone but I hope to catch it soon on DVD or On Demand.  That said I definitely plan on catching your next big flick, Drinking Buddies.  Directed by Joe Swanberg who famously and thankfully once kicked Devin Faraci’s ass, it’s an improvisational rom-com that I hope sets you up well for further great opportunities.

Now I know Olivia will never see this.  I have no illusions to the contrary.  But, dear readers, do me one small favor?

If you see this woman, tell her I love her.


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