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Posted: February 26, 2014 in Movies, This!, TV
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Veronica Mars

A long time ago we used to be friends.  But I hadn’t thought of you lately at all.

That’s a lie.  I always remembered Veronica Mars.  How could I forget her?

She came storming back into all our lives with a tantalizing chance at a long promised and rumored return.  And in record time, she pocketed $2 million and that promise became a reality.

And she’s not coming back alone.  Oh no.  She’s bringing her old man Keith with her.  Old friends like Wallace and Mac.  Old boyfriends like Logan and the unfortunately named Piz.  She’s going to her high school reunion.  So all those Neptune schoolmates who ostracized her 10 years ago?  Yeah.  They’re going to be there, too.

And there’s a nasty little murder mystery that’s going to need solving.  It’s been 7 long years, Veronica.  And it seems very little has changed.

C’mon now, honey…bring it on, bring it on!



The History of Future Folk

I love horror movies.  I think they speak to my jaded world view and my taste for the morbid.  This is not a horror movie.  This is a high concept comedy with an ultra-low budget and a big heart.  And yes, I kind of loved it.

The film opens with Bill.  He’s a father telling his daughter a bedtime story, the tale of General Prius who left his home planet of Hondo in hopes of finding a new world for his people.  It’s clearly a tale he has told the child on many occasions.  It then cuts to the man performing folk music in front of a mildly curious and amused crowd at a dive bar.  He’s wearing a costume very similar to that of the general in his daughter’s illustrations of the story.

It’s the first charming moment in a film that features many like it.  It is at time quirky, at times silly and I never lost the smile that the first clever song Bill plays in the bar puts on my face.  Eventually, Bill meets a stranger from his…hometown.  Though their relationship is initially contentious the two discover a common love for music and what was once a solo act becomes a duo.  And that duo will have to save the world.

If you want to catch something off-beat, something unexpected, something goofy and just plain good…well this is that.

Highly recommended!

The History of Future Folk is available on Netflix Instant