Netflix Pix #6: The History of Future Folk

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Movies, Netflix Pix
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The History of Future Folk

I love horror movies.  I think they speak to my jaded world view and my taste for the morbid.  This is not a horror movie.  This is a high concept comedy with an ultra-low budget and a big heart.  And yes, I kind of loved it.

The film opens with Bill.  He’s a father telling his daughter a bedtime story, the tale of General Prius who left his home planet of Hondo in hopes of finding a new world for his people.  It’s clearly a tale he has told the child on many occasions.  It then cuts to the man performing folk music in front of a mildly curious and amused crowd at a dive bar.  He’s wearing a costume very similar to that of the general in his daughter’s illustrations of the story.

It’s the first charming moment in a film that features many like it.  It is at time quirky, at times silly and I never lost the smile that the first clever song Bill plays in the bar puts on my face.  Eventually, Bill meets a stranger from his…hometown.  Though their relationship is initially contentious the two discover a common love for music and what was once a solo act becomes a duo.  And that duo will have to save the world.

If you want to catch something off-beat, something unexpected, something goofy and just plain good…well this is that.

Highly recommended!

The History of Future Folk is available on Netflix Instant


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