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I like these things. You should too.

The Dudley & Bob Morning Show (93.7 KLBJ FM Mon-Fri 6A-10A)

For 20 years, the premier duo of Austin radio have been bringing a healthy dose of morning reality to the FM dial. A buddy of mine listens to their cross the hall rivals claiming that he doesn’t like the bickering and bitching that comes with the guys but hell that’s half the damn reason I love them. But, there’s so many other reasons to listen.

Dale is borderline neurotic and moody, Bob can be petulant, and funnyman Matt Bearden consistently stirs the pot into a frothy state of excitement. Add in the perpetually defensive Daniel Gallo and the ever unpredictable Carissa Jaded, the freshest presence on radio in many a year, and you have a killer combo that Dale calls the best team he’s had in over a quarter century in Austin. And he’s right. Despite their frequent differences, you can tell the crew genuinely care for each other and would if not take a bullet for the other at least let it graze them.

Through numerous producers, associate producers, interns, and wacky sidekicks I’ve been hanging with the show since I moved to Austin in 2000. I was listening to them the day the towers fell and have shared every major world occurrence with them since. I see no reason to change that now.

Frozen Planet (Discovery Channel, Sundays 7PM)

The newest BBC documentary series from the team that brought us Planet Earth is absolutely beautiful in hi-def. It’s just getting started but I can already tell I’m gonna love it as much as I did its predecessor. This stuff is a joy to behold. It’s a rare treat to see, in the best possible format, things that you’ll almost certainly never get to see first hand. Check it out now on Discovery or wait for the Blu-Ray, but don’t miss it.

Y: The Last Man (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Back when I was working at the funny book store, this was my go to suggestion for anybody who was ‘looking for something good to read.’ It was my go to because it was the BEST thing to read.

In the summer of 2002, a plague of unknown origin wipes out everything with a Y chromosome save one clueless twentysomething and his pet monkey. The setup is remarkably easy but what follows is a fascinatingly complex study of the sociopolitical consequences of a world entirely run and populated by women. Beyond the global scale of the story is the personal tale of Yorick Brown and Ampersand, our heroes, as young Yorick tries everything he can to reach Australia and his lost girlfriend in the wake of the destruction of the worldwide infrastructure.

In turns funny, thrilling and tragic it has everything one would hope to find in the epic and personal story of the last man on Earth.

The first issue in September 2002 was the single best introduction to a comic series I’d ever read and I haven’t read a better first issue since. The series concluded in 2008 after 60 issues in bittersweet and perfect fashion. The entire series has since been collected in various formats and is available at finer comic stores everywhere. I can’t recommend it highly enough.