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The Man with the Iron Fists

Why this?  Because RZA knows kung fu.  And kung fu done well?  Well, that’s hard to find.  And when you do find it, you need to point it out.  Point it out and celebrate it.

RZA grew up watching the classic chopsocky films of The Shaw Brothers.  The movies were filmed in Hong Kong and reached American shores where they became famous for their furious martial arts, their bright colors, and their elaborate sets built on studio backlots.

The writer/director/rap star has a passion for the product.  He’s been working on the project for many years now, studying under grindhouse gurus like Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth.  And finally, he’s about to deliver a lean, mean homage to the movies he adored as a kid.  Plus, there is said to be a killer soundtrack and score.  I’ve never listened to any Wu-Tang Clan, but I’m as excited to hear this as I am to see it.

The movie opens wide on November 2, 2012.